February 21 - February 24 2024

Meet us in Dubai.

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Join us as we explore the magic of the desert and people of Dubai.

We welcome you to a transformative experience guided by our a unique group of expert international and local facilitators to bridge a new culture and spark your

vision of the future.

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Recap of last years retreat in the mountains and beaches of Lebanon!




Our Workshops

Some of the key offerings of our expert Native and International facilitators

Sweat Lodge Ceremony





AND MANY MORE Posting Soon!

Our workshops will be held in the spacious and open venue of Bkerzay.

Meet the Team

Samer Tutenji

Biotechnologist toxicologist chemist worked with endemic plant reforestation and preservation, herbal medicine cosmetic formulator studying naturopathy will take us on a nature walk to tell us more about all the families and communities of plants and trees that are native to the lands. 

Abou Khzam

Entrepreneur, Yoga and Acroyoga instructor, Integration coach and founder of Habibi Village acting as a bridge between cultures to facilitate understanding and make direct impact embodying living in a healthy value system in society.

Rob Lenfesty

Founder of Mandala Springs and Mandala Chocolate, global innovator and expert facilitator in rites of passage, deep somatic practices for mind, body and spirit, Wim Hof Method, music and sound creation and more. Rob is currently creating and living in an intentional community of his creation, building the global Village of the future.


One of the leading Breathworkers in Scandinavia and has been working with Breathwork for 6 years and has held over 500 events around the world. She specializes in Rebirthing Breathwork guiding deep 1 hour sessions with her gentle approach.

Yona FrenchHawk

Full-blooded Cherokee Wisdom Keeper and Ceremonialist, born and raised on the Qualla Indian Boundary in the Great Smoky Mountains in Cherokee, NC. He is the great, great grandson of YonaGuska, Cherokee chief during the Trail of Tears (1824-1839). Yona is fluent in the Cherokee language and is honored to keep these traditions alive. He shares the meaning of traditional ceremonies as it was shared with him by his Grandfather.

Yasha S. Wagner

PhD candidate in psychology and is currently completing his dissertation research on the symbolism of the four elements of nature across cultures. He is also a multilingual emcee, artist, facilitator of transformative practices and holistic wellness retreats, trained in meditation exercises and martial arts, and the founder/CVO of the nonprofit Worldchangers Organization.

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